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About Feed & Food Trading

We are a reliable trade partner for many parties in the commodity market, since 1993. Our focus is on dairy-based and vegetable ingredients for feed and food consumption. We trade, distribute and produce ingredients around the globe. We blend, package and label raw materials as well as ready-made products according to client specifications.



What do we offer?

  • We offer you a complete package of dairy ingredients.
  • Within our range also we offer various semi-finished products as basic building blocks for animal nutrition.
  • We deliver both from supply source as from stock with short call off times. We guaranty flexible order size; from 1 pallet to full trucks (25 MT).

Support & Advice

  • We advise you about the right buying moment, the market, and new and alternative ingredients.
  • We think along with you about the right ingredients. Functional and cost effective.
  • We provide support for your product development.

Core Values

  • Responsibility, Respect, Quality and Integrity are the core values driving the way we do business and build partnerships across the dairy industry.
  • Our strong network in the European dairy industry offers the guarantee and reliability that form the basis for a long-term relationship.