Special Ingredients (for young animal nutrition)

Baby~Feed® is an ingredient for the production of young animal nutrition. Produced in the right combination of high-quality and easily digestible dairy ingredients and vegetable proteins and fats. The dairy ingredients come mainly from the infant and food industry and contribute to high quality and a circular economy.

Dairy~Lat® is an ingredient for the manufacture of young animal nutrition. A protein-rich ingredient with excellent ‘free flowing’ properties. Produced from protein-rich whey ingredients in combination with high-quality, easily digestible vegetable fat and protein on demand. This whey protein-rich Ingredient can be produced on any desired protein and fat composition.

A high-quality Ingredient which is very rich in lactose (70%) with excellent running ‘free flowing’ properties. Lactofeed 70® is the ideal replacement for sweet whey powder for the manufacture of animal feed. The advantage is that Lactofeed ® is continuously available. This ingredient has an excellent reputation and is produced by us under license from Volac.

Baby~Milk~Powder is an unique dairy ingredient for the manufacture of young animal nutrition. This high-quality Ingredient is produced on a constant protein and fat composition to your needs. Many customers use the advantages of this high-quality ingredient in their animal feed.

Produced to your needs ! You are looking for a custom made blend or private Label Ingredient? Please contact us, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


Lactose (Milk sugar)
Skimmed milk powder
Full Cream milk powder
Butter milk powder
Non Hygroscopic Whey Permeate powder
Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC 35/60/80%)
Sweet whey powder
Acid whey powder
Fat filled whey powder
Delactosed whey powder
Demineralized whey powder

Whey permeate concentrate (25 -45% on dry matter)
Delactosed liquid whey permeate (DLP)
Sweet whey concentrate
Whey Protein Concentrate liquid (35-80% protein on dry matter)
Skimmed milk concentrate

Soy protein concentrate
Soy flour
Soy protein isolate
Potato protein
Wheat gluten
Wheat protein isolate
Rice protein